Trial Date Set For Murder Of Alex Johnson

A trial date was set Friday for the two suspects accused in the death of Alex Johnson.

Mark Taylor and Timothy Ballard are accused of kidnapping and beating 32-year-old Johnson to death in December 2013.

The trial date is scheduled for sometime between October 5 and November 12, 2015. So far, Taylor and Ballard have pled not guilty to the charges.

The trial date is more than a year away because the prosecutors said they are seeking the death penalty against Taylor.

Johnson disappeared from his home shortly before Christmas after police said he answered a knock at the door.

His body was found stuffed in a barrel and was recovered from the Kentucky River in January.

In the court room on Friday, Taylor and Ballard appeared with their public defenders for a status hearing, both attorneys asked the judge for more time to prepare for the case.

The judge responded that both suspects have had representation since they were arrested, almost eight months prior to the status hearing. The judge said he wants to get things moving along towards a trial.

Taylor’s attorney, Sandra Downs, spoke off-camera with reporters after the hearing and said she wouldn’t talk about the case, but she said, “This is going to be an interesting case.”

Downs also said that she believes the death penalty is a waste of taxpayer money.

Taylor and Ballard are expected back in court for another status hearing on January 30th.

They will be back in January for another status hearing. Taylor’s attorney said she expects this case to go all the way to trial.

Taylor is charged with murder and kidnapping. Ballard is charged with kidnapping and evidence tampering.

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