Transy community now wondering if BuzzFeed post warned of today’s attack

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- The president of Transylvania University is trying to unite students in the wake of this brutal attack but at the same time an online post many believe was written by the attacker is circulating on social media.
Hours after police say two female students were stabbed by former Transylvania student Mitchell Adkins in the university’s coffee shop, president Seamus Carey sent out this letter to the Transy community.

The letter began, “This morning a grave incident occurred on our campus… a former Transylvania student… returned to campus and randomly attacked one of our first year students in an act of brutal violence.”

The president went on to thank students, faculty and police for their swift action in subduing the suspect.

But at the same time a two-year-old article posted to the website BuzzFeed was circulating among the student body.

The post titled “Discrimination of Conservatives in Liberal Arts” is believed to be written by Adkins when he was still a student at the university.

The lengthy posted goes into detail, the author describing their unhappiness with students and faculty, at one point writing, “Nobody tried to understand my point of view. Nobody tried to listen to my words and reflect on them. Nobody tried to respond respectfully and continue the debate.”

The author going on to write,”I am proud of who I am, but this school has shown me that it’s not okay to be a republican anymore.”

Tonight many students are wondering if this was a warning after reports surfaced today that Adkins asked students their political affiliations before attacking them.

The administration however is trying to move forward, the university president ending his letter with this, “Transylvania is a school, yes. But we are much more than that, we are a community in which each member is beloved.”
Transylvania had just wrapped up its winter term finals last week.

Administrators say counselors will now be on hand around the clock for students parents and members of the community.

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