Transparency the trend at first town hall meeting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- What turned out to be the first of four town hall public safety meetings with the NAACP, Lexington Police and the community wrapped up at around eight Thursday night.

At this meeting the primary concern was transparency and Lexington residents know many ways to express that’s what they want.

"Transparency is paramount to good relationships between the police force and the neighborhoods," said Donald Wilhite.

One of the more pressing topics when it comes to transparency? Body cameras for police officers.

"It improves accountability. It improves accountability. It helps protect good people on both ends of the spectrum. Good people in the community and good people on the police force. Body cameras. That’s what we’re talking about," said Lexington NAACP president William Saunders.

Another member of the meeting chimed in with a question as to why they weren’t already wearing them. It’s a question Lexington Police Chief Mark Barnard is ready for.

"We looked at it. We already have body cameras that we have been testing and we had tested body cameras before Ferguson and I’m not saying it’s innovative, I’m just saying it shows foresight."

The conversation wasn’t aimed at simply criticizing and critiquing the police force though. Some say, community improvements start at the community level.

There will be more town hall meetings in the future, one for each side of Lexington.

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