Track meet held in honor of Trinity Gay

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- For the first time, we are hearing from the mother of Trinity Gay.

A stray bullet killed the teenager back in October.

Saturday friends and family gathered at Henry Clay High School for a memorial track meet in Trinity’s name.

Trinity Gay had been running track since she was nine years old.

Ten teams took to the track in her name, setting an example of unity, with hopes of putting an end to gun violence in Lexington.

Coaches, family and friends say the 15-year-old student from Lafayette High School was a friend to everyone she met. They recall fond memories of Trinity and her personality on the track.

“She was always laughing. She would always cheer people on on her team, played jokes on us a lot of times and if she had something on her mind, she would tell you,” a friend said.

It is memories like those that keep these athletes focused during competition.

No longer are races only about winning, but they are also about carrying on the example that Trinity set.

“I know I gotta get to where, she wants me to get to where she wants me to be, so I know that I’ve gotta run hard today,” a runner said.

Trinity’s mother, Shoshana Boyd, says the support she gets at events like this helps keep her going through the pain.

“I’m overwhelmed with what a lot that people say and people do and what they just want to do for her to continue and to, you know, for her name to continue to be here. I don’t want anybody to forget her, of course, but she has left an incredible legacy,” Boyd said.

That legacy is one now being used as a reason to focus on gun violence in Lexington.

People say they want these ‘senseless acts’ to stop.


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