Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League celebrates 10 years of baseball

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-18 year old Callie Basler has been with the Toyota Bluegrass Miracle League (TBML) since the very beginning. On Saturday she played with her All-Star team at TBML’s 10th Anniversary celebratory All Star & Alumni Games in Shillito Park.

Her mother Caroline Basler says, “I think the thing we love the most about the miracle league and why it’s so important to us because it’s an environment where any child regardless of their disability can play.”

Callie says, “I think it’s about confidence.”

Callie has down syndrome. But she says she feels just like the other kids, growing up playing on a one of it’s kind in the state all-accessible field right next door to where the other kids like her younger brother play.

“When I go to bat it feels like I wanna be like my brother and that’s why I want to do it.”

TBML Director Kevin Haury says it’s amazing to see just how much the league has grown in a decade. In it’s first year there were 48 players in the youth league and that number has almost doubled. They’ve also added an adult league which continues to grow as kids pass through every year.

Haury says, “When we started the league 10 years ago we had about 25% of the kids that would hit a pitched baseball. Now it’s about 90% hitting a pitched baseball. We have a tee but we rarely ever use it. So we actually do see development within the kids athletically, as well as emotionally, as well as socially.”

For Callie Haury says it’s helped her step out of her shell and boost her self-esteem.

She says, “It’s like my favorite thing to do” and it’s grown to be like her “second family.”

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