Town Branch Park: ‘world class, unparalleled’

Lexington, Ky. – Mayor Jim Gray and Ann Bakhaus, chair of the Town Branch Fund Advisory Board, today revealed plans for a world-class, signature park in downtown Lexington and over $5 million in Leadership Gifts for the park, which is a public private partnership.

“Through great design and thoughtful programming, this park will be unparalleled,” said Bakhaus, who described the Advisory Board as a group of committed volunteers working hard to bring Town Branch Park together. Bakhaus also thanked the Bluegrass Community Foundation, which has made the park a priority through leadership of the fund-raising campaign.

“This is a big step forward for our city, made possible by a visionary group of donors. Giving at this level to a city project is unprecedented in Lexington,” Gray said.

One of the leadership gifts came from the James Graham Brown Foundation. “The Town Branch Park project will improve quality of life in downtown Lexington by connecting neighborhoods, creating great public spaces and improving infrastructure” said Mason Rummel, President

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