Tony Sullivan’s Mother Reacts To Ferguson Situation

One Lexington family is all too familiar with the situation in Ferguson.

In 1994, Tony Sullivan’s mother grieved just like Michael Brown’s family is grieving now and she watched her city, Lexington, suffer through civil unrest.

"You’ve heard our pleas and our cries for everything to go the way it should be," said Brown’s mother in an interview.

Those pleas and cries strike a chord with Mary Caldwell.

"I feel those families pain," she said.

It was 20-years ago this past October, Caldwell’s son, Tony was shot and killed by a Lexington police officer. The hours and days that followed–civil unrest on the streets of Lexington.

A night ago in Lexington, a much more peaceful scene to mourn Michael Brown’s death, a scene Caldwell is used to. It’s a scene that is set each year for Tony.

"It makes me feel happy because my son has never been forgotten," said Caldwell.

Caldwell watches as businesses burn and protesters are arrested not only in Ferguson but other cities across the country. It reminds her of the pain and anger felt throughout Lexington 20 years ago.

"They hurt! Maybe it’s best for them to do that than to take it out on people," said Caldwell.

"These things have been going on since August 9th when it first happened," said Brown’s mother.

Little over four months have passed since Brown’s death, Mary Caldwell wants his family to know things will get better but it takes time.

"It’ll get better but it won’t right now because down that road it took five or ten years for mine for me to be the way I am now," she said.

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