Tips to prevent your pipes from freezing

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky American Water is reminding customers to take precautions.

When you start seeing the teens, and those single digit temperatures, some homes fall victim to frozen pipes, especially ones that are vulnerable to the elements, in places like walls or crawl spaces.

“Frozen pipes can be a horrible experience for any home owner because you have the expense of the pipe bursting and the water damage in your home, so you really want to do what you can to prevent that”

When temperatures dip below freezing, Kentucky American Water recommends you thaw your pipes with warm air so that you melt the frozen water, you can do this simply by leaving your cabinet doors open.

“You can take a hair dryer for instance and help warm the pipes and help them thaw that way, but we don’t recommend using an open flame or if you use a space heater certainly monitor that space heater, don’t leave it.”

One of the best things to do, especially in the evening hours, is to let a trickle of water run from the faucet so it keeps that water moving and prevents it from actually freezing in your pipes.

“We can assure you that the cost of having that trickle of water is going to be much less on your water bill than the cost it would be to repair your home after a burst water pipe.”

Make sure you know where your water valve is located because if you ever experience a frozen pipe, you need to shut off the water to your home immediately and begin the thawing process.

Make sure you follow these simple precautions to prevent you from a huge, expensive mess.

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