Tips and tricks to prepare your home ahead of winter weather

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A lot of people have been “staying in” for months, but snowed, or iced, in requires a different level of preparation.

Some winter prep comes to mind quickly.

Batteries for flashlights and candles are classic for lighting if your power goes out. For warmth, pull out the winter gear you might normally wear outside for inside and layer on the blankets.

For some more not-so easy to remember winter preparation tips ABC 36’s Monica Harkins talked with emergency responders.

“It can definitely happen to anyone,” Battalion Chief Jordan Saas with Lexington Fire said. “When people get cold, people get desperate.”

He says think twice though about how you try and battle the cold. Using your grill is not a good idea.

“You’d be surprised at the types of runs and maintenance that we respond to where people actually bring their gas grills inside to try and stay warm, in order to cook food, and that is just a recipe for disaster,” Saas said.

As for perishable food, you can take some items from the fridge and put them in coolers or lunch packs outside.

In Clark County, Emergency Management Director and Fire Chief Steve Asbury says there were still about 80 people without power from the last storm Thursday.

“It’s really tough right now,” he said.

He echoed Saas’ advice, you can’t be too prepared with supplies.

“Things like that are essential because we might be without power for the next few days,”

He recommends being prepared with 72 hours of supplies.

If your pipes freeze, it’s important to identify all the things you use water for. A big one, the toilet.

You can fill up your bathtub or set out pitchers of water to manually refill the toilet tank.

Another tip, stay connected to friends and family.

“A support network, it’s important to think about, people, or even places that you can go ahead of time, should you need to call somebody or to go somewhere,”

For more tips on how to prepare, the federal government has a website dedicated to emergency preparedness, you can click here to read more.

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