Thousands greet Trump in Kentucky amid health care debate

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP/WTVQ) – President Donald Trump was greeted by thousands of supporters during a campaign-style rally in Kentucky as he seeks to rally support for a Republican health care proposal.

It was the Trump administration’s second Kentucky visit in a little over a week, following Vice President Mike Pence’s trip to Louisville on March 11.

Wayne White is one of more than a million Kentuckians whose health care is covered by Medicaid. Yet the 28-year-old retail worker said he’s fine if Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something that could limit his options, saying he trusts Trump to take care of him.

Joe Anderson of Lexington called the Republican plan reckless, saying the current law helped his mother find insurance for her pre-existing heart condition.

The President started his speech by talking about his campaign promises: building a wall, draining the swamp, and creating jobs.

“I’ve already eliminated a devastating anti-coal regulation and that is just the beginning,” the President said.

The president wove Kentucky into his speech, saying he wants the kind of reciprocal trade Henry Clay preached.

“I’m looking forward to these trade deals. They’re the ones. There’s going to be no ambiguity,” the President said.

The President spent a large portion of his speech on healthcare. He said with the help of Kentucky’s congressional delegation, he will rid the country of Obamacare.

“Thursday is our chance to end Obamacare and the Obamacare catastrophe and begin delivering the reforms our people deserve,” the President said.

The huge crowds of supporters that waited all day outside of Freedom Hall to see the President were not alone.

“My body my choice!” was one of several chants from protesters voicing opinions.

The President told the people of Louisville they will be part of a rich nation again soon.

“You just worry about your basketball team. I’ll take care of the rest,” the President said.

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