Thousands celebrate “The Walking Dead Day” in Cynthiana

CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WTVQ)-Cynthiana is a small town of about 6000 people known as the birthplace of the Post-it note and former UK basketball coach Joe B. Hall and now it’s known as the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. And many here are proud of it.

There were many signs in the streets, like “Run,” “Turn Around,” “Go Back” but no one listened to them.

Thousands descended upon Cynthiana, but not all of them in the flesh.

Courtney Wright downtown with her zombie family says, “It’s a chance to play October in the middle of August and July so we came out in prosthetics and makeup to join the crowd and play.”

And many dedicated fans traveled from across the country.

Karen Sherlock says while wearing her zombie mask, “I live in Detroit but me and my brothers originally started reading the comic before it became the show.”

She like many others traveled to be at the the birthplace of “The Walking Dead” comic series for it’s one and only holiday proclaimed by Mayor James Smith.

He announced, “I hereby proclaim August 2016 as Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore day in the city of Cynthiana. Congratulations.”

Comic writer and the TV’s Show’s Executive Producer Robert Kirkman and illustrator Tony Moore grew up in Harrison County, making friends in a seventh grade.

Moore says, “Yeah we were in Linda Smart’s history class and she knew we were the comic nerds so she sat us together and in front where she could watch us. And yeah, we hit it off.”

Kirkman says the success of the television series, soon going into it’s seventh season, and it’s prequel hasn’t totally hit him yet. But he says it’s story of survival is one that resonates with millions.

“To me the popularity of “Walking Dead” is awesome. It’s totally awesome. But yeah, Cynthiana being like yeah we got zombies walking in the middle of the street…But I think ten years ago and you went into town and you were like hey there’s going to be messed up cars and a wrecked helicopter and theres going to be in zombie makeup…they’d be like why would we ever do that? This is not good.”

But fans are eating it up.

Wright says, “I really do. There’s so much going on in the world let’s have some fun.”

And Kirkman says about the TV series not to rule out the Zombie Apocalypse making it’s way to Kentucky in the future.

You can catch back-to-back episodes of “The Walking Dead” on Saturday nights at 9 & 10pm on My Kentucky TV, our second digital channel at 36.2.

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