The Walker House, a faith based sober living home for men, aims to help recovering addicts succeed

LEXINGTON, Ky. (ABC 36) – For years, John Fuston struggled with addiction…recovering and then relapsing over and over until he found The Walker House…a faith based, sober living house for men.

“This disease is no joke, and it’s by the grace of God that we have these opportunities in these sober living houses, where men can come back in and they know that it’s not too late” said Fuston.

He’s able to work his program now and focus on his sobriety.

“Maybe now I can be that attraction for somebody saying hey I want what this guy’s got, maybe it’s time to get some help.”

It’s a place and concept you don’t typically see in nice neighborhoods, but having the Walker House in the Blackford Oaks Subdivision is exactly why owner Steven Smith says it works.

“The rough parts of town, the trap houses right next door, if I’m having a bad day and I know a drug dealer is right next door…that’s dangerous. So we want it in nice subdivision and not where any of that’s at” said Smith.

Smith is a recovering addict himself. He took his own experiences to create a space that would be comfortable and encouraging for others on their recovery journey.

The Walker House is named after a pastor who guided Smith in the right direction during his recovery.

The house was first established in October of 2020.

“Sober living houses have a big stigma about being bad people, but were people that have had bad lives that we’re trying to change.”

Eight men live at the Walker House, including Smith and his Assistant Director Bobby Colegrove.

“I’ve never lived in a house like this so when I moved in I was proud of it I had something to be proud of, and I was a part of it. So, I want the guys that come here to be proud” said Colegrove.

The men follow strict rules.
They have to take random drug tests, attend AA and NA meetings, maintain a job, attend church once a week and immerse themselves in community service.

“We make sure they’re on the right track not just in recovery but all aspects of life” added Smith.

Smith is now looking to open another men’s sober living house soon as well as one for women.

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