The People’s Horse

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – With the Triple Crown on the line in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes, Justify will no doubt be the people’s horse on the track in New York.

But at Taylor Made back home here in Kentucky, this weekend, the people’s horse will be…well, The People’s Horse.

“A horse provides hope for people.” – Duncan Taylor (President & CEO / Taylor Made)

The People’s Horse is the embodiment of hope; a collaborative effort between True.Ink and Taylor Made offering average folks a chance to be a part of something big.  Something big happened back on April 18th.

“It’s a filly!” – from the livestream stall camera of birth

“Any time you see new life coming into the world, I mean it’s something a lot of people haven’t seen.  That’s why with “The People’s Horse” we decided to put the camera up and let people see the mare foal.”

Colerful Bride gave birth to a little filly. California Chrome the dad.  The 2014 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner was known as The People’s Champion and now, his offspring is the their horse.  The love and support is only growing after the filly lost her right eye in a freak accident while out playing.

“As a horse farm owner, we are used to things going wrong.  When you have 100-some foals it’s like having 100 6-year-old boys out running around and something is gonna happen. They’re out there playing and rough-housing…living life how they know how to live it.  Like our filly had her eye knocked out.  I don’t know if we’ve ever had another one.”

An unforeseen accident that just seems to be fate at this point…pulling at the heartstrings….pulling for success.  This weekend, a group of members will get to meet their one-eyed horse.  It’s why Taylor Made jumped at the chance to be a part of The People’s Horse experiment.

“You know, that’s gonna be a good time, a blast.  People are gonna get to see it.  Learn about the horses, our operation; watch the Belmont; so we’re gonna have a great time. We want to open things up and share with people what we love.  It just seemed like another way for people to experience horse ownership without the bills.”

Annual membership to be a part of every step as the little filly foal begins her journey to perhaps her own Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown bid.

“This happening to her when she’s younger is probably gonna be better because she’s gonna be out in the field running and playing and getting used to this.  Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a great story and she’ll be a great race filly.  But only time will tell.”

The aptly named Patch ran for roses in 2017.  Pollard’s Vision before that in 2004.  Not to mention the many others who’ve raced at varying levels.

“The great thing about it is nobody knows.  It really replicates life.  There’s ups and there’s downs.  Nobody makes it through without a little ding or dent.”

You can still join in on the experience.  Just check out the link here.

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