Texas family displaced by ‘Harvey,’ starts over in Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Danielle Domiano knew Harvey was coming, she prepared her family and put items in storage, then evacuated to Kentucky where her father lives. Now, all they have left is the clothes on their backs and each other.

She says no matter the amount of planning, the storm had a devastating effect on everyone.

“I think it doesn’t matter how prepared Texas and all of our family and friends think we are, nobody was truly prepared for this. You know the last hurricane we had was Katrina and that was years ago and it was nothing compared to this one.”

Domiano just had a baby two months ago, then went into emergency surgery after complications. She said she enrolled her 10- year-old in school in Kentucky just in case things got bad down south.

“It’s very very hard, my two year old and my new born obviously doesn’t realize what is going on, but my 10-year-old is fully aware that there is no going back to texas any time soon and fully aware that all of his stuff is ruined and it’s heart breaking.”

She says they have to start over, leaving their jobs and belongings behind. She says she doesn’t know where to begin looking for help.

“We did register with FEMA, but I am like number four-thousand and something, which they did say they would pay for hotel costs and we tried to check into a hotel when we got here, because my dad is sick and he is on a fixed income and he has a small place, so it’s a lot with three kids with me and my boyfriend and him.”

Domiano says she can’t get through to the American Red Cross or any other organization that can help because there are so many people in need and the lines are busy.

She says she is blessed her family is okay, but her mother refused to leave her home in Texas and is currently sitting in waist deep water waiting to be rescued. She is asking for prayers.

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