Texan equestrians and horses stuck in Lexington as Harvey hits Gulf Coast

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- While volunteers head off to Texas to help, some Texans in Lexington are wishing they could go along. About 40 Lone Star horses, and their people, are stuck in the Bluegrass after a horse show at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Travelling is fun, but for humans, and for horses, those well-known words ring true: there is no place like home.

“Not knowing what’s going on at home is obviously a very concerning feeling,” Will Roberts, head trainer at Pine Hollow Farm, said.

Home is the Houston area, where Hurricane Harvey has been causing heartbreaking damage many of us have only been able to see through photos. That includes Will Roberts and Barb Stegmann, just two of several Texans stuck in Lexington with their horses.

They were competing at the Horse Park, but come Monday, when it was time to go home, Hurricane Harvey interfered.

“I don’t even think we could get to Houston right now,” Stegmann said.

She says she is currently set to fly out Wednesday. It will be her fifth attempt to get home.

Assistant Horse Show Manager JP Bordeleau says a lot of his customers are from Texas.

“We started talking to our Texas people, ‘Are you from Dallas, Houston? Where are you from? Is that an issue?'”

It was an issue for Roberts. Not only does he have to worry about getting the horses in Kentucky back, but he is also thinking about his kids, both equine and human, back in Texas.

“The anxiety there is a little overwhelming,” Roberts said.

His wife is stuck too. He says they have been talking often with their six and one-and-a-half-year-old sons.

“We’ve obviously had some hurricanes in the past, but nothing like this, and to not be around it, not to be there, is even more concerning and makes us more anxious,” Roberts said.

Will home even be recognizable when they return? While it is anxiety inducing to wonder, at least the Lone Star State visitors are waiting it out in the best place horse people could be.

“Best worst case scenario. Being stuck at this place is kind of a treat, that’s for sure,” Roberts said as he patted a horse.

Roberts says he does not want to leave and get stuck on the way home so he plans to wait it out until he knows it is safe.



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