Tempers Flare At A State Medical Marijuana Hearing

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Almost half the states in the country legalized medical marijuana.  Kentucky is not one of them, but at the next General Assembly bills will be introduced to change that.

The joint Committee on Health and Welfare discussed heard testimony about medical marijuana. 

"They call me KY-Beau the Kentucky Rasta.  That’s what they named me when they started sampling my medicine out west," said Beau Hundley, from Lagrange, KY.

Hundley started growing his own marijuana for medicinal purposes.  He got arrested.

"Couldn’t afford to move into a state that had medicinal marijuana, and I had to grow it myself," said Hundley.

A car hit Hundley.  He has injuries all over his body.  He says Marijuana helped him get off pain pills, and also prevent seizures.

"I was actually beat into grand mal epilepsy by my alcoholic father," said Hundley.

The committee heard testimony in favor of medical marijuana.  Representative Robert Benvenuti says the state already has enough of a drug problem.

"When I read articles that medical marijuana is good for anxiety, I’ll tell you right now that tells me one thing:  It’s open to abuse.  And until I’m assured where the clinical evidence is, this is not going to have my support," said Rep. Benvenuti, (R-Fayette County).

The joint committee hearing went up in smoke at 2:00 PM when it was time for the senate’s session to begin.

Senators made a motion to adjourn, which the chair ignored.  The senators threatened to leave.  The chair said he would not stop the meeting.  The senators left.  The meeting went on, because people came from all over. 

Stacey Theis traveled with her "Cannibus" from Arizona. 

"Been pulled over a lot," said Theis.

KSP told us medical marijuana would make it harder to stop people from growing marijuana illegally.

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