Teens across the country spend week volunteering in Winchester

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – Instead of jumping in a pool, or relaxing at home, nearly 300 teens from all over the country spent this week in Winchester helping total strangers.

It’s part of a group called, ‘Group Mission Trips.’ The organization helps out in communities across the country in any way they’re needed.

“It’s an amazing thing and they are a great bunch of kids,” Shannon Cox, Winchester-native and local organizer, said.

Cox worked with ‘Group Mission Trips’ to get the kids to Winchester.

“They’re working on porches and painting houses and building ramps,” Cox said. “The love that is happening is amazing.”

The teens worked on 33 homes. A visit to one of them revealed teens from Nebraska, North Carolina and Virginia.

Kenna is a junior in high school, and though it’s been hot, and she’s doing things she’s never done before – like building a porch – she said she’s glad she took the trip.

“She’s so grateful for what we’re doing,” Kenna said. “She comes out for devotions every day and you can just see how kind and grateful she is for what we’re doing.”

Jane Burnam has lived here for 36 years and has wanted to renovate her home, but as years went by, she wasn’t physically able. She said she’s thankful that complete strangers took the time to help.

“There are people all over the country that are giving back and want to help no matter what areas of the country they come from,” Burnam said.

As for those wanting to get involved, Anikka, another one of the volunteers said go for it!

“Give it a try. You’re nervous at first, but it’s definitely worth it.”

Cox said he’s trying to set the program up again for next year, so more people in Winchester can get the help they need

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