Teachers create music video for their students

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Teachers are trying to find new ways to stay engaged with their students while they are all in isolation.

Kindergarten teachers at Stonewall Elementary School in Lexington found a way to connect with their students.

They heard of the “Coin Song” from a fellow teacher and started singing it with their students at school.

Now, since they can’t sing it together, the teachers are bringing the music to their students virtually.

It took the teachers one day to shoot their music video.

They posted it to their online classroom for the kids, but then shared it to social media for others to enjoy.

“People have said that the song is already stuck in their heads which really is easy to happen, but I think everybody is really enjoying it,” said McKenna Walls, Teacher.

The teachers say they’re trying to keep their students motivated.

Every student has a worksheet packet at home, they’re using links and apps for lessons, and most recently, they’ve started using Zoom to see their students.

“It was interesting with a bunch of five and six year olds, but it was fun for them to see all of their friends and interact with one another,” said Haley Vollet, Teacher.

Joy O’Hara is one of the kindergarten teachers. She’s been teaching since the 1990’s.

She says there’s been a learning curve moving to online teaching. She says she’s happy to try new things if it means the kids are involved.

“There really is a lot more than just sitting and doing seat work. Moving, singing, and being silly is a good way to learn,” said Joy O’Hara, Teacher.

The teachers say the students should keep their eyes out because more videos are expected to come.

Photo: Haley Vollet

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