Taylor trial continues with testimony from victim’s girlfriend

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The trial for the murder of Alex Johnson reconvened Tuesday at 8 a.m.

Robert Mark Taylor is one of the men accused of kidnapping and killing Johnson in 2013. Johnson’s body was later found in a bourbon barrel in the Kentucky River.

Prosecutors called several witnesses including Johnson’s girlfriend, his younger sister and a witness who called 911 the night he disappeared.

In court, Lisa Horobin told prosecutors that she was dating Alex Johnson at the time of death. She says hours before Johnson went missing, she was on the phone with him when she claims Mark Taylor came to the door.

Horobin said she was certain it was Taylor because her boyfriend identified him and that she also recognized Taylor’s voice.

The next witness called to the stand was a woman who called 911 in December 2013. Prosecutors say it was the same night Johnson disappeared. In court, that woman says she did not know Johnson personally.

Prosecutors played the recording of her 911 call in which she tells the dispatcher she witnessed three men in a vehicle near Cramer Avenue fighting. She said, “it looked like one person was trying to get away and another was being punched”.

The trial continued with testimony from Alex Johnson’s younger sister, Casey Johnson. His sister testified that she visited Alex’s apartment after his disappearance. She told the court she notice a number of things were out of order which prompted her to file a missing person’s report.

Trial will continue till Tuesday afternoon. ABC 36 News will have more updates.

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