Tax Day still busy for post office, but not what it once was

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- It’s not your grandmother’s Tax Day anymore. Those words aren’t mine, rather, a 20-plus year postal service employee.

"The impact is less first class mail and we have anticipated that over the years so this is not a surprise for us. We certainly expect that trend to continue. Customers enjoy the convenience of online filing,” said Susan Wright, Customer Relations Coordinator at the Nandino location.

What used to be ruled by pen and paper has been replaced by clicks and key strokes.

The IRS puts a number on that, saying 91% of people file electronically. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise you it’s been six years since the post office extended its hours in Lexington on Tax Day.

Still, rushed to get their envelopes postmarked in time, many shuffled through lines at the main branch, using “snail mail” to fend off Uncle Sam.

And at least one, still didn’t file but he’s taken the necessary measures to stay legal.

"Tax season always catches me off guard every year,” said one man, filing for an extension.

He knows, had he not…

"Well, Uncle Sam would’ve definitely come looking for me."

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