Tates Creek High School could get new building instead of renovation

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Tates Creek High School would get a new building, rather undergoing a renovation, under a new proposal pending before the Fayette County school board.

The district chief operations officer told the newspaper that the estimated total new costs of a new building could be $83 million.

The school board approved a $77.2 million renovation for Tates Creek High School last fall, subject to state approval, according to the Herald-Leader.

The paper says that district staff and the design team have met with Kentucky Department of Education officials and found that the renovation would exceed the maximum allowable cost of $190 per square foot, school board documents said. “It would be more cost effective to build new,” the document said.

Under the proposal, construction could start in the summer of 2020 and would take two and a half to three years, said Melinda Joseph-Dezarn, district director of Facility Design and Construction. That’s the same amount of time that a renovation could take.

District officials would have to work out the logistical challenges of where classes would be held on the Tates Creek campus at various times during the construction, Thompson said.

Board member Daryl Love mentioned at Thursday’s school board planning meeting that Tates Creek High has been the subject of complaints about the current building, including leaks.

Jenna Shalash, serving as this month’s non-voting guest student member of the school board, attends Tates Creek and said the proposal for a new building was welcomed news.

“It is a distraction when we are in class taking a test and we feel water on our heads and on our papers,” she said.

Information attributed to the Lexington Herald-Leader

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