Tamiflu in Demand at Lexington Pharmacies

Some Lexington pharmacies are running out of Tamiflu, the medicine used to fight the flu and keep it from spreading.

The shelves at C&C Pharmacy are stocked with Tamiflu but pharmacists said they’re getting about 15-20 calls a day from people who can’t find the medicine at other stores.

Doctors said this is the fifth year in a row there has been a shortage.

Pharmacists said it comes from a spike in demand and not enough medicine to go around.

There is not a Tamiflu shortage according to the Health Department.

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department said there is plenty of the drug right now but if it becomes a bigger problem, doctors should only prescribe it to high-risk patients.

Some local pharmacists said their stores were on backorder from the manufacturer of the drug.

Most of the orders have been refilled but pharmacists said stores could soon sell out again because of the high demand.

C&C Pharmacy noticed an increase in people calling in Tamiflu prescriptions so pharmacists stocked up.

“The first shortage that we saw, we checked our wholesaler several times throughout the day and when it did become available we ordered an abundance of it to try to prevent that shortage from happening to us,” said Lindsay Romero, pharmacists at C&C Pharmacy.
Romero said it is not too late to get a flu shot.

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