Talking To Children About The Boston Bombings

As the world focuses on the bombings in Boston, parents are wondering how to discuss such a tragic event with their children.

Blyth Jamieson, the guidance counselor at Sayre School said it’s important that parents realize that children absorb almost everything that’s going on around them.

“You want to be authentic, direct, keep it simplifies and not overload them,” Jamieson said.

“I think most of us would like a black and white formula to follow and there won’t be one.  So being able to address it on an individual basis to me is most important.”

Lisa Woodruff spoke with her fourth grade class at the Frankfort Christian Academy.

She said she wanted to give children the opportunity to ask questions and express their thoughts.

“Sometimes we think children are oblivious but they’re really not,” Woodruff said.

“They do have real concerns and worries. So I think that it’s important that we address them.”

Both agree that it’s important that children have open conversations about these types of tragedies at home and at school.

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