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Sunday, January 24, 2021
Tags UK College of Agriculture

Tag: UK College of Agriculture

Ranchers using drones to keep cattle healthy

Each year, millions of cows in the United States die from health problems and it’s costing the cattle industry, but “eyes in the sky” could help ranchers solve the problem.

UK celebrates renovation of historic home

University of Kentucky officials celebrated the rebirth of the historic Cooper House as the new front door for the College of Agriculture.

UK College of Agriculture, Food, & Environment – Money Wise – Managing your grocery budget

Purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets can help save money on your grocery budget.

UK College of Agriculture – Seasonal Produce

It is important to incorporate seasonal vegetables into your diet to promote healthy living.

Lincoln County Cattle Rustling

Cattle rustling sounds like a crime out of the old west, but it's happening now in central Kentucky. With the high price of beef, cows have become an attractive item for thieves.

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Lafayette and Dunbar lead off 2021 Governor’s Cup series

Governor’s Cup is Kentucky’s premier academic competition.

Failure to use turn signal results in traffic stop, trafficking charges

Friday night incident nets 15 grams of drugs, report says.

Larry King, broadcasting giant for half-century, dies at 87

Larry King, who interviewed presidents, movie stars and ordinary Joes during a half-century in broadcasting, has died at age 87.