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US whiskey exports decline as trade dispute with EU persists

The Distilled Spirits Council says overall exports American-made whiskey tumbled amid President Donald Trump's trade war.

Trump on China trade dispute: ‘We always win’

President Donald Trump is downplaying the escalating trade dispute between the U.S. and China as nothing more than "a little squabble" between friends.

Commission: New NAFTA would deliver modest economic gains

An independent federal agency finds that President Donald Trump's new North America trade agreement would give the U.S. economy only a modest boost.

US, China leave next steps for trade talks unclear

The United States says talks in Beijing on ending a bruising trade war focused on Chinese promises to buy more American goods. But it gave no indication of progress on resolving disputes over Beijing’s technology ambitions and other thorny issues.

White House hails China trade truce as skeptics raise doubts

The Trump administration is celebrating the 90-day truce it reached in its trade war with China as a significant breakthrough despite scant details, a hazy timetable and widespread skepticism that Beijing will yield to U.S. demands anytime soon.

Bevin promotes Chinese partnership amid US trade dispute

Governor Bevin talked economic development with the Chinese ambassador to the U.S. Monday night in Frankfort.

Ryan welcomes Trump progress with EU over trade

House Speaker Paul Ryan is welcoming President Donald Trump's announcement of an agreement with European Union leaders to potentially ratchet down the trade wars.

Trump approves plan to impose tough China tariffs

President Donald Trump has approved a plan to impose punishing tariffs on tens of billions of dollars of Chinese goods as early as Friday, a move that could put his trade policies on a collision course with his push to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons.

Kentucky group to attend trade, business trip in Canada

Kentucky Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton is taking a group to attend the Aero Montreal Aerospace Innovation Forum 2018.

Lexington and UK looking to swap land and roads

UK and the city of Lexington are working on a land swap that would give the city 200 acres for a future industrial or business park.

Solid Blue trade unites Boogie with The Brow

Sacramento deals DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans.
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US current account trade deficit hits $484.1 billion in 2015

The deficit in the broadest measure of U.S. trade declined slightly in the final three months of 2015, but for the entire year the deficit jumped to the highest level in seven years.
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Grant to help Kentucky businesses make overseas sales

Kentucky has received a $400,000 federal grant aimed at helping businesses market their products around the world.

McConnell: Tobacco should not be excluded from trade pact

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell touts himself as a free trade advocate, but he's warning that how tobacco is treated in a potential Pacific Rim trade deal could influence his stance on an agreement.

Beshear Announces Automotive Industry Trade Group

Gov. Steve Beshear said Monday he wants Kentucky to be as synonymous with the auto industry as Detroit.
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Update: New Details In Human Trafficking Case

Deputies say a woman traded her newborn infant to a Laurel County couple for a pickup truck. ABC 36 has learned some new details in the case.

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