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Grand jury indicts former state trooper on more sex charges

He is accused of sexually assaulting five people and a sixth who is a minor.

School superintendent pleads guilty to sex charges

Ohio school superintendent accused of sex charges pleaded guilty.

Father-son arrested on sex charges in Bell County

A month-long investigation led to the arrest of a father and son on sex charges in Bell County, according to State Police.

Weinstein won’t testify before grand jury in rape case

NEW YORK (AP) - Harvey Weinstein won't testify before the New York grand jury that's weighing whether to indict him on rape and other...

Two arrested on sex charges in Laurel Co.

Two people were arrested on Thursday morning after they allegedly had sex with a juvenile.
gavel law verdict court charges

Former Kentucky teacher pleads not guilty to 37 sex charges

The indictment accuses the former Logan County Schools teacher of having sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl between Sept. 1 and Feb. 17.

Police: Adults Caught in Hotel Room with Underage Runaway

A man and a woman, who were found in a Berea hotel room with a 15 year old runaway, will face sexual abuse charges.

Academy worker faces federal sex charges

A worker at a residential, educational program run by the Kentucky National Guard has been accused of violating federal laws designed to protect children from sexual abuse.

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