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Fayette County Public Schools announce new rules during athletic events

Small changes that could possibly make a big difference, that's what Fayette County Public Schools is trying to do with four new safety rules.

New gameday rules at Frederick Douglass High School

Principal Lester Diaz sent out an email to school parents late Friday afternoon with a list of new security rules, effectively immediately, ahead of that night's game.

Senate committee approves “Sports Agent” bill

Senate Bill 228, among many things, looks to broaden the definition of a sports agent and require agents register with the state, regulations lawmakers say will make it harder for corruption and other questionable things from happening here in Kentucky.
Coal Ash

EPA to reconsider certain coal ash rule provisions

The EPA grants two petitions to reconsider substantive provisions of the final rule regulating coal combustion residuals as nonhazardous waste.
jail prison bars inmates

LFUCG releases new visitation policy for community corrections

Beginning October 12, 2016, LFUCG says the rules for visits to the jail are changing. These changes may affect when and how many times an inmate can receive visits from friends and loved ones.
Pokemon Go, Jenny Wiley State Park

Pokemon Go hits Kentucky State Parks

"Pokemon Go," the world-wide blockbuster app has brought several hikers to state parks in an attempt to "catch 'em all."

Kentucky court rules in underage sex case involving teens

Kentucky's Supreme Court has weighed in on a case involving a 15-year-old boy who was charged with a felony after having consensual sex with his 13-year-old girlfriend.

Senate approves new rules for drivers passing bicyclists

Drivers overtaking bicyclists on Kentucky roads would have to leave at least 3 feet between their vehicle and the bicycle under a bill that cleared the state Senate.

Kentucky challenges EPA rules on power plant pollution

Kentucky's new top environmental regulator is challenging federal rules to curb power plant pollution blamed for causing climate change.

Impact of new rules on UK vs. Duke

Hear from Coach Cal on the impact of the NCAA emphasis to limit physicality in the game overall.

Youngest daughter of escort Powell faces prostitution charge

The youngest daughter of escort Katina Powell was arrested by Louisville Police last year for misdemeanor prostitution.

Kentucky joins in challenging EPA power plant rules

Kentucky has joined several other states in a legal challenge against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its power plant regulations.

APNewsBreak: US proposing rules for streams near coal mines

The Obama administration is proposing new regulations Thursday designed to reduce the impact of coal mining on the nation's streams.
Sunscreen And Kidsvideo

The Rules Of Sunscreens At School

You may not realize that many schools require a doctor's excuse before your child can bring sunscreens to school.
Sports Graphic

Rules For KY Middle School Sports Could Change

There are rules for high school sports in Kentucky, but very few for middle school.

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