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Trump says North Korea may be sending ‘a nice present’ for Christmas

President Donald Trump downplayed North Korea's unspecified threat to take action if sanctions aren't eased by the end of the year.

President Trump becomes 1st president to step inside North Korea ahead of meeting with Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump became the first U.S. president to step into North Korea Sunday, reaching across the demarcation line to shake hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and then, at Kim's invitation, stepping across the border and into North Korea -- in a historic moment Trump called "a great honor."

US seizes large North Korean ship used to transport coal

The Trump administration says it has seized a North Korean cargo ship that U.S. officials say was used to transport coal in violation of international sanctions.

Report: North Korea sought $2M from US for captured American

North Korea reportedly insisted the U.S. agree to pay $2 million in medical costs in 2017 before it released detained American college student Otto Warmbier while he was in a coma.

North Korea test-fires a new tactical guided weapon

North Korea announced that it has test-fired a new type of tactical guided weapon.

Officials say Trump overstated Kim’s demand on sanctions

President Donald Trump said he walked away from his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un because Kim demanded the U.S. lift all of its sanctions, a claim that North Korea’s delegation called a rare news conference in the middle of the night to deny.

NKorea says US wasted chance for nuclear deal

North Korea says the United States has squandered an opportunity for a nuclear deal and may not get another chance.

NKorea: Kim to stay in Vietnam through Saturday

North Korea's state media says leader Kim Jong Un will follow his summit with U.S. President Donald Trump with an "official goodwill visit" to Vietnam that will continue through Saturday.

Vietnam vows ‘maximum level’ security for Trump-Kim summit

With North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on an armored train barreling through China toward Vietnam’s capital, and U.S. President Donald Trump about to board a jet for Hanoi, Vietnamese officials scrambled Monday to finish preparation for a rushed summit that will capture global attention.

Kim or Trump? Hanoi barber offers leaders’ hairdos for free

At a barbershop tucked away in a small Hanoi alley, Le Phuc Hai patiently waits for his hair dye to bleach his natural black into the color of the president of the United States.

Trump’s Year 3 aims for dramatic sequels to rival originals

As President Donald Trump prepares to meet North Korea's Kim Jong Un for a second time, he's out to replicate the suspenseful buildup, make-or-break stakes and far-flung rendezvous of their first encounter.

Trump to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

President Donald Trump will hold a two-day summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un Feb. 27-28 in Vietnam to try to convince him to give up his nuclear weapons program.

North Korea nukes intact, dispersing missiles

U.N. experts say North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs "remain intact" and it is dispersing its missile assembly and testing to prevent "decapitation" strikes.

North Korean official reportedly heading to US for talks

A senior North Korean official arrived in Beijing on Thursday, reportedly en route to the United States for talks ahead of a possible second summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

US official: American on plane from North Korea

A U.S. official says an American citizen detained last month by North Korea has been deported and is on a flight back to the United States.

Seoul: North Korea estimated to have 20-60 nuclear weapons

A top South Korean official told lawmakers that North Korea is estimated to have up to 60 nuclear weapons, in Seoul’s first public comment about the size of the North’s secrecy-clouded weapons arsenal.

Kim says summit with Trump stabilized region

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says his June summit with U.S. President Donald Trump has stabilized the regional security situation.

Identification work begins on Korean War remains now in US

The U.S. military is beginning the painstaking process of analyzing remains from the Korean War now that they are back on American soil after having been handed over by North Korea last week.

North Korea provided just 1 dog tag with 55 sets of war remains

When North Korea handed over 55 boxes of bones that it said are remains of American war dead, it provided a single military dog tag but no other information that could help U.S. forensics experts determine their individual identities, a U.S. defense official said Tuesday.

Remains said to be US war dead repatriated from North Korea

North Korea on Friday returned the remains of what are believed to be U.S. servicemen killed during the Korean War, the White House said, with a U.S military plane making a rare trip into North Korea to retrieve 55 cases of remains.

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