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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Women make up almost two thirds of coronavirus cases in Fayette

Almost two-thirds of the confirmed coronavirus cases in Fayette County have been women and most of the cases have been spread evenly across the 18-74 age groups

NCAA cancels basketball tourneys, other sports

Decision comes day after NCAA it would try with limited attendance

Two men found dead inside home in Lexington

The Fayette County Coroner says two men were found dead inside a home on Delcamp Drive Wednesday.

Kentucky ranks 8th in nation in rate of women murdered by men

Kentucky ranked eighth in the nation in the rate of women murdered by men, according to the new Violence Policy Center (VPC) study.

LPD: Suspects Kick In Door, Take Cash from Couple

Police are looking for two men they say kicked in the door of a home early Thursday morning and robbed an elderly couple at knifepoint.

Lexington Police Search for stabbing suspect

According to police a disagreement between three people led to two of them, being stabbed.

Midway University to accept men as full-time undergraduates

For the first time in nearly 170 years, Midway University will start accepting males as full-time undergraduates.

Bill would make men confirm marriage for ED medication

A Kentucky state lawmaker has filed a bill that would require men have at least two office visits and swear on a Bible they are married before a doctor could prescribe them erectile dysfunction medication.

Question of the Day 07-17-15

39% of women hate it when their man neglects to do *this* around the house. What is it?

Queen of Soul cancels KY State Fair concert

Aretha Franklin has canceled her appearance at the Kentucky State Fair on August 30th. Kool & the Gang and Boyz II Men will replace the Queen of Soul.

Question of the Day 07-06-15

More than half of men say they still have this from their childhood. What is it?

Question of the Day 06-11-15

In one poll, *this* ranked as the #1 thing men should *not* do after 30. what is it?

Question of the Day 06-01-15

More than half of women surveyed say they get suspicious when their spouse does *this.* What is it?

Question of the Day 05-28-15

On average, men do *this* 25% more than women. What is it?

Question of the Day 05-20-15

Almost 80% of men say they feel less confident when they have *this.* What is it?

1 woman killed, 2 men injured in boating crash in Laurel

One person has died and two are injured after a boating crash on Laurel Lake Wednesday.

Question of the Day 05-01-15

75% of married women say they wish their husbands did not own *these.* What is it?

Question of the Day 04-15-15

A recent survey found 75% of men felt *this* gave them more personality. What is it?

Question of the Day 04-13-15

In one survey, 10% of men admitted they can't do *this.* What is it?

Question of the Day 03-23-15

The average guy will do *this* six times on a date. What is it?

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Hiker rescued after falling off a cliff in Powell County

Powell County Search and Rescue rescued Cameron Shepherd after falling off the side of a cliff.

Mild temperatures with mostly sunny skies

The cooler air settling in won't last much longer. After a couple of milder temperature days with lower humidity, the upper 80s and low...

Kentucky Men’s Golfer Cullan Brown has died

Died from a form of bone cancer.

Henderson man tazed following police chase

Ernesto A. Martinez-Pascual faces nearly a dozen charges following a chase with KSP.