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KSP: Motorcyclist runs from Troopers following crash

Devin Drexler, of Benton, faces several charges after he crashed the motorcycle he was driving while running from Kentucky State Police on I-69, according to KSP.

Indiana, Kentucky officials narrow I-69 bridge sites to 3

Project team officials also announced Thursday that two of the routes still under consideration would call for removal of the U.S. 41 Twin Bridges.
I-69 interstate 69 highway

Governors sign agreement to launch bridge project

The governors of Kentucky and Indiana have signed an agreement to begin preliminary work aimed at building a new Ohio River bridge linking the two states along Interstate 69.
I-69 interstate 69 highway

Federal officials approve I-69 addition in Kentucky

State and federal officials have dedicated 40 miles of newly designated Interstate 69 in western Kentucky.
I-69 interstate 69 highway

New red, white, and blue highway signs for 42 Miles of I-69

Governor Steve Beshear unveiled a new red, white and blue highway sign marking the designation of Interstate 69 for a section of the Edward T. Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway on Monday.
I-69 interstate 69 highway

Pennyrile Parkway transitioning to I-69

Kentucky transportation officials say contractors have begun changing exit numbers along the Pennyrile Parkway.
I-69 interstate 69 highway

Traffic shift on I-69-Pennyrile ramp scheduled

Traffic will be shifting in western Kentucky starting Monday, along the new Interstate 69/Breathitt-Pennyrile Parkway Interchange in Hopkins County.
I-69 interstate 69 highway

State awards contract related to I-69 project

A contract has been awarded to make more improvements to bring the Purchase Parkway in western Kentucky up to interstate highway standards and eventual designation as Interstate 69.
I-69 interstate 69 highway

State still uncertain on finishing I-69 extension

State officials say they're still trying to figure out how to pay for finishing the Interstate 69 extension between Indianapolis and Evansville.

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