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KCC Manufacturing to add 400 jobs with new facility

KCC Manufacturing to build a new facility in Louisville, adding 400 full-time jobs, according to the state.

HVAC belt causes house fire

Firefighters in Lexington responded to a house fire late Sunday night that they say was caused by an HVAC system overheating.
Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY

Rupp Arena could be warm for UK game Saturday

Rupp Arena could be unusually warm Saturday for Kentucky's final regular season game because of a problem with the facility's HVAC system.

Donations pouring in for Lexington Humane Society’s HVAC system

Donations are pouring in after the Lexington Humane Society asked for the community's help to help foot a $35,000 bill for a new air conditioning system.

Lexington Humane Society needs HVAC

The Humane Society in Lexington has reported their 20-ton dog kennel’s air conditioning unit has broken down completely, beyond repair.

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