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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Tags Felony charges

Tag: Felony charges

‘Please, give me a break.’: Rep. Attica Scott vows to fight felony rioting charge

Scott is among those facing a felony rioting charge for the damage.

Expungement bill passes House Judiciary Committee

A bill that would require automatic expungement of acquittals and dismissals of criminal charges under Kentucky law has passed the House Judiciary Committee.

Man pleads guilty to trying to arrange sex with minors

The Cyber Crimes Unit says Gillette sought sexual activity with children under the age of eight.

AL man wanted for sexually abusing minor found in Laurel Co.

Laurel County Sheriff's Department said a man was arrested Friday in connection to a felony case in Alabama.

Former Kentucky sheriff pleads guilty to theft charges

Marvin J. Lipfird, a former Harlan County sheriff, pleaded guilty to using a department credit card to make personal purchases.

Rex Chapman’s sentencing postponed

Rex Chapman, former Kentucky basketball star, had his sentencing postponed until November.

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Kentucky Speedway loses NASCAR Cup Series race in 2021

Mile-and-a-half oval tracks like Kentucky Speedway have fallen out of favor with some NASCAR fans and drivers in recent years.

Unsightly trash prompts new regulations by city

New rules take effect Thursday.

Adena Trail project nears completion in Mt. Sterling

Work should be completed by end of October, according to city.