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Danville woman arrested after chained dog found dead

A Boyle County woman was arrested Friday after police say they found a dead dog chained up outside in an area desecrated with molded food and feces.

Dog Found Dead on London Highway with an Arrow in His Back

The Allen family is dealing with the unimaginable. Farrell Allen says, "It just takes someone that's mad or thinks it's a joke to do something like this. It's not a joke."

Edmonson shelter director charged with animal cruelty

About 60 animals have been rescued from a western Kentucky animal shelter where authorities say they were being underfed and not given enough water
Severly Malnourished Dog 'Lola' Recovers In Rowan Co.

One Dog Dead, Another Found Severly Malnourished In Rowan Co.

A non-profit group said two severely neglected dogs were found chained up in Rowan County, and only one of the animals was still alive. STAR, or Saving the Animals of Rowan, said the surviving dog 'Lola' was an adult Doberman that weighed only 30 lbs.

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