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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Coin toss decides alcohol sale vote for state park

Alcohol will be sold at Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park in Perry County after a coin toss broke a tie vote from Tuesday’s elections, according to the county clerk.

Heads or tails to drink? Coin flip to settle Kentucky vote

The sale of alcoholic beverages at a state park in Perry County will come down to a coin flip after a local referendum ended in a tie.

Coin toss decides Kentucky magistrate race

Logan County election official flipped a new silver dollar into the air on Tuesday to determine which Democratic candidate would face the Republican in November.

Coin Flips Determine Two Lincoln Co. Elections

Two elections in Lincoln County were decided by coin flips. According to the Danville Advocate-Messenger, Randall Price and Priscilla Manuel tied for a seat on the Crab Orchard City Commission.

2 races in central Ky. decided by coin toss

A coin toss has decided the winner in two separate races for candidates seeking a spot on a central Kentucky city board.

Coin Toss Decides Tie Election In Whitesburg

A tie election in Whitesburg has ended with a coin toss.

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Pineville man accused of raping preschooler

43-year old Jason Hickman was arrested in Bell County on Monday on a KSP warrant, according to WRIL Radio.

Fayette County to announce Tuesday if students will return to classroom Feb. 8

Whenever students return to the classroom, the school district say it will happen in stages, beginning with kindergarten through second grade.

Kentucky and Florida tied after opening day of blood donation battle

Kentucky and Florida each had 243 donors to begin the 13th annual Big Blue Slam.

Congressman Barr to serve on House Foreign Affairs Committee

Rep. Barr's selection is expected to be ratified at the next Republican Conference meeting.