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Webb Companies announces new name for CentrePointe

The Webb Companies says CentrePointe will now be called "City Center."

Big shipment signals new phase of CentrePointe project

Construction has now started on a planned 12-story office tower at the CentrePointe site in downtown Lexington.

UPDATE: CentrePointe project gets new investor

The long-delayed CentrePointe project in downtown Lexington has a new investor.

New artist renderings, detailed timeline released for CentrePointe project

The Webb Companies released new artist renderings, including a video tour, of what CentrePointe could look like when it's finished in downtown Lexington.
Road Closed Sign

Portion of S. Upper Street in Lexington to close Tuesday

Major utility construction will result in the closing of a portion of South Upper Street in Lexington beginning Tuesday morning.

Construction at CentrePointe Continues

It's almost time for the next level of construction on the CentrePointe parking garage in downtown Lexington.

Concrete Trucks Pour into CenterPointe Site

Concrete trucks were making deliveries to the CentrePointe site Friday morning, as construction continues on the underground parking garage.

Q & A at forum meeting sheds some light on CentrePointe struggles

Within the first year of developing for Lexington's plagued CentrePointe venture, one of -- if not its largest financial supporters died, leaving Webb Companies wondering if it was going to get its money.

City grants CentrePointe developers 30-day extension to resume work

An update to the CentrePointe project in downtown Lexington gives developers a 30-day extension on their building permit.
CentrePointe Construction

City releases statement on CentrePointe project

A statement has been released from Mayor Jim Gray's office regarding the CentrePointe Project and the expiration of a deadline for work to commence in earnest, or at least be apparent, at the site.

City of Lexington deadline for CentrePointe is Wednesday

A number of extensions on an order to fill-in the CentrePointe construction site in downtown Lexington expire on Wednesday, March 30, 2016.

UPDATE: Developer says CentrePointe work has resumed

Developer Dudley Webb says work is underway on the underground garage, at the CentrePointe site in downtown Lexington.
CentrePointe Construction

Webb Companies releases CentrePointe statement

For the last several months, the owners of the Centrepointe Project have patiently remained silent while speculation about the project became almost every day fodder in the press and social media.

City decides to fill in CentrePointe hole, on one condition

The City of Lexington has told the company that owns the two tower cranes on the CentrePointe property that it plans to fill in the site if no work is done on the underground garage by March 30th.

‘Fill in the hole’ chants heard during rally around Centrepointe

'Fill in the hole' was a chant you might've heard Saturday if you were around Downtown Lexington, specifically near the troubled, CentrePointe project.
CentrePointe Constructionvideo

City lays out its options on CentrePointe

A lawyer for the City of Lexington says in an e-mail to Urban County Council members that the city could fill in the existing hole at the CentrePointe construction site downtown, or foreclose on the property after March 30th.
CentrePointe Constructionvideo

Mayor Jim Gray: Developers back out of CentrePointe project

The new developers of the long-delayed CentrePointe project in downtown Lexington say they're out of the project, this after they were notified by the City of Lexington that CentrePointe would not be a potential new home for the Urban County Government Center. The city said in a letter to the developer's attorney that it would be too expensive to relocate to CentrePointe. It is not clear what will happen to the property.
New CentrePointe Design submitted 10-2-13

UPDATE: Complete overhaul planned for CentrePointe project

A new group of investors is taking over the CentrePointe project in downtown Lexington.

City backs off demand developers fill-in CentrePointe site; new group interested in project

The City of Lexington is delaying its demand that CentrePointe's developers fill-in the construction site downtown because an unnamed development group has expressed interest in the project.
CentrePointe Construction

CentrePointe developers threaten legal action against city

CentrePointe developers have given the city of Lexington a May 8 deadline to withdraw its request that the construction site be filled-in or face possible legal action.

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