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Charity Helps Homeless Stay Warm During Frigid Weather

Frigid nights can be deadly to those without a home, so many local organizations do their best to help those in need find safe and warm beds.

Big Turnout at Faith & Community Christmas

The Faith & Community Christmas store in Lexington opened it's doors to shoppers on Monday.
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2016 Faith & Community Christmas Store Begins Setup

Work has begun in setting up the 21st annual Faith & Community Christmas Store, hosted by Southland Christian Church and the Catholic Action Center.

Fundraiser Aims to Help Fayette Co. Students Experiencing Homelessness

A unique fundraiser aims to raise awareness and funds for children in Fayette County experiencing homelessness.

24-Hour Homeless Challenge 10-31

Faith Thompson, Associate Director of Student Support Services for Fayette County Public Schools, and Charlie Lanter, Director of Homeless Prevention and Intervention, come by the studio to tell Doug High about their unique 24-Hour Homeless Challenge, aimed at raising awareness and funds for the most vulnerable among us: homeless children.
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Volunteers needed at Catholic Action Center

On Thursday, the Catholic Action Center posted a need for daytime volunteers on their Facebook page.
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Experts: Violence up against the homeless in Lexington

The Catholic Action Center is looking for 1,000 volunteers by August 15 to support their #lexendhomelesshate challenge.
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Catholic Action Center asking for donations

The Catholic Action Center and Community Inn is reaching out to the public for donations of supplies.

Compassionate Caravan activated as temperatures plummet

Bitterly cold temperatures are activating the Compassionate Caravan across the city.
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Catholic Action Center asks for help as winter storm approaches

The upcoming severe weather has the Catholic Action Center mobilizing to help out as many people as possible, but they're asking for help from the community to make it happen.

Compasssionate Caravan helps nearly 100 people Sunday night

With bitter cold temperatures, snow, and ice predicted until Tuesday night, the Catholic Action Center says they will be open and hosting people 24 hours a day until Thursday

“Compassion Caravan” out in Lexington tonight

The Catholic Action Center's "Compassion Caravan" was out Monday night in Lexington with temperatures expected to dip into the mid to upper teens. Volunteers on the caravan try to persuade the city's homeless to come inside for the night.
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Annual Christmas Store opens

For twenty years now, the Catholic Action Center's Christmas Store has been making shopping during the holidays easier for families in need.

Get Breeders’ Cup tickets by donating

The Catholic Action Center in Lexington is trading Breeders' Cup tickets for financial donations to the center's homeless program. A volunteer with the center donated the tickets. There are 11 general admission tickets and four sales pavilion tickets.

City Seeks To Help Homeless With Emergency Weather Plan

The city of Lexington will open warming shelters on Wednesday due to severe weather; they are calling this The Emergency Weather Plan.

Christmas Store Saves Christmas For Some

The annual Faith and Community Christmas Store is saving Christmas for some that might of not gotten anything at all.

Some Homeless Choose to Sleep Outside

The Catholic Action Center says there are pockets of homeless across Lexington who choose to sleep outside.
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Lexington Charities In Need After Harsh Winter

Due to higher utility bills and higher demand for their services, Lexington charities need more help.

Update: Police Looking for Suspects in 5th Street Shooting

Investigators say an innocent bystander was shot in the hand in a drive-by shooting Friday morning.

Homeless Shelter Extends Hours During Extreme Cold

The Catholic Action Center is keeping its doors open 24 hours a day during the extreme cold.

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