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Kentucky ark attraction adding biblical truth exhibit

Kentucky's massive biblical attraction the Ark Encounter is opening a new exhibit that promotes the message of the Bible.
Bill Nye

Bill Nye visits new Noah’s ark attraction he criticized

Bill Nye is touring a new Noah's Ark attraction in Kentucky that he has called a danger to the nation's science education.

Ark Encounter opens to public, protestors demonstrate

The long-anticipated Ark Encounter opened to the public Thursday morning, drawing enthusiasts and believers, but also protestors who say the attraction promotes an immoral message.

The Ark Encounter attraction in Kentucky opens Thursday

A Noah's Ark attraction built by Christians who say the biblical story really happened is ready to open in Kentucky.

Kentucky pays Noah’s ark attorney fees in tax break suit

Kentucky is paying $190,000 in attorney fees to the Christian group that won a tourism tax benefit for a Noah's ark attraction that will open soon in central Kentucky.

Noah’s Ark job float your boat? Gotta be Christian

Ken Ham, founder of the ministry Answers in Genesis, says the workers will be required to sign a statement saying they're Christian and "profess Christ as their savior."
Creation Museum

Creation Museum leaders’ seek approval to expand its size

Leaders of a Kentucky museum dedicated to a literal interpretation of the Bible are looking to nearly triple its size.

Kentucky won’t fight tax break ruling for Noah’s Ark project

Kentucky officials say they won't fight a federal court ruling that supports a tax incentive for a religious theme park featuring a 510-foot long Noah's Ark.
Ark Encounter

Noah’s Ark construction asks for tax dollars

A federal judge has scheduled a hearing Wednesday on a lawsuit filed by a Christian ministry building a massive Noah's Ark tourist attraction.
Ark Encounter Park

Ky. ministry says state’s denial of tax break “unlawful”

A lawyer for the Christian ministry building a wooden ark attraction in Kentucky says the state committed "an unlawful action" by rescinding a tax rebate benefit worth about $18 million.
Times Square

Ky. ministry has New Year’s Eve Times Square message

The Christian ministry that operates the Creation Museum will run a video ad in New York's Times Square during the annual New Year's Eve celebration.

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