Syrian family reacts to latest travel restrictions

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- On the day his temporary travel ban was set to expire, President Trump has signed a proclamation creating new restrictions for travelers from some countries, coming to the U.S.

For one family here in Lexington, that means they could be waiting longer than they expected to reunite with their mother and brother.

Mohammed Alturk and his sister came to Lexington more than a year ago after fleeing the war in their native country of Syria but their mother and brother weren’t so lucky and are now stuck in Jordan trying to reunite with their family here in the U.S.

“The first time it was very hard for us to leave our mother and brother behind us but they said when they traveled to the United States, they said it would be hope for them that their mom will come and their brother will come to the USA,” said Alturk, through an interpreter.

But then President Trump signed his travel ban, temporarily barring anyone from Syria from coming to the U.S.

That travel ban was supposed to expire this week but then Trump signed a new proclamation again restricting Syrians from entering the country, a decision that has the Alturk family annoyed.

“He’s feeling that this decision makes him upset but also saying that he wants this decision to be changed a little bit because not all Syrians are the same. The Syrian people are very simple. Very good people. There is some people maybe that are bad, some guys. But not all the people are like that,” said Alturk, through an interpreter.

As of right now it is not clear if this new travel ban will include refugees from the listed countries and that has given Alturk and his family a little glimmer of hope that they could see their mom and brother sooner rather that later.

“For him and for other families that are waiting also to reunite, he wants and he wishes his family will come soon and they will be reunited,” said Alturk, through an interpreter.

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