Suspect accused of planning school shooting wrote a “manifesto” on his phone

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- He wrote a “manifesto” according to police.

We’re learning more about Dylan Jarrell, the man accused of plotting a school shooting in Anderson County.

During the preliminary hearing we learned much more about the school shooting police say Dylan Jarrell planned to carry out in Anderson County, a plan police say Jarrell detailed in a manifesto.

Jarrell is charged with one count of harassing communications and one count of second degree terroristic threatening.

In court, Trooper Josh Satterly, who arrested Jarrell at his house two weeks ago, told the judge he found an assault rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and several other weapons in Jarrell’s car.

Trooper Satterly said he also found notebooks filled with information on past school shootings in Jarrell’s house and a manifesto on Jarrell’s phone in which Jarrell boasted about being the next school shooter of 2018 and detailed his plan to shoot school officials.

“He also had a separate note with every news outlet across the country, major news outlets not just local, for contact information so he could send out a mass email before he carried out the attack,” said Trooper Satterly.

During the hearing, Jarrell’s attorney argued there is no proof Jarrell was really going to carry out the attack but the commonwealth argued the lengthy manifesto along with the weapons in his car showed probable cause.

The judge sided with the commonwealth, ending the hearing by saying she’s never seen a case like this before.

Jarrell’s bond was set at $500,000.

His case now goes to a grand jury.

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