Survivors share stories during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office of Victims Advocacy,  Is recognizing National Crime Victims Rights Week, with an awareness and resource fair on Wednesday, it included survivors of crime and victim service providers, all committed to supporting victims.

Secret Holt is recalling the memory of her daughter bailey Holt, a victim in the Marshall County High School shooting in 2018.

Since the irreplaceable loss, she’s become a apart of a community that engages with other survivors, “I’d give anything if she were here.”

“Throughout the last five years, um hearing all of the other survivor stories and being able to be a part of this committee has just really made a difference in my life and it’s somewhat healing for me,” she adds.

During the Elevate Survivor Voices Awareness & Resource Fair several in attendance also shared their stories of survival, an event that Secret says has been beneficial.

“Coming to these events and being able to help people and um be Bailey’s voice and spread awareness for gun violence and be an active member in the community,” she also says.

Another speaker, Jaydee Graham is a survivor of domestic violence, she is also an author and an advocate for victims rights.

“As a survivor of domestic violence and raised in a home with domestic violence. It truly is a beautiful thing to be able to use the hardest times in my life and the darkest times of my life for good,” said Graham.

Holt sending a message to others, “don’t be afraid to be their voice. If you have any concerns in your local school system with any, any of their surroundings, please don’t be afraid to speak up because it could save someone’s life.”

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