Supporters celebrate School Choice Week in Frankfort

Supporters gather at Capitol to push expanded law
FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – Students from across Kentucky assembled Monday on the steps of the Old State Capitol in Frankfort to show their support for school choice. EdChoice Kentucky organized the event that joins tens of thousands of similar student-focused activities across the country during National School Choice Week, January 23-29, 2022.
“I’m a living example of the transformative impact of education,” said state Sen. Ralph Alvarado, a Winchester Republican, who spoke to the group. “That’s what can happen when a child is in the right learning environment. I want every student across Kentucky to have the opportunity to chase their passion and be inspired to love learning.”

“Last year, we made such great progress to bring school choice options to students in Kentucky. Today’s celebration shows the strong excitement for these opportunities,” said EdChoice Kentucky President Andrew Vandiver. “Across the country, educational choice programs are proven and popular. Now, Kentucky families are ready to take full advantage of the benefits of school choice.”

“Every child is different, and they have different needs. School choice recognizes that every student deserves a learning environment as unique as they are,” said Boone County mom Akia McNeary. “I’m so proud to join today’s National School Choice Week celebration to affirm the life-changing effect the right school has made for my children.”

“It wasn’t an easy decision to move my children into private school. However, the financial hardship is more than worth it when I see how much they’re thriving in the new environment,” said Desirae Caudill, a Madison County mom.“School choice means my children could continue to be fostered in a nurturing environment that has taught them to love school and love learning.”

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