Support continuing to pour in for flood victims

JACKSON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Flooding victims in Eastern Kentucky are entering their second week of clean up.

“We’re just here to help. We’ve got some stuff we can help you out with,” Thoms said.

Donations continue to pour in for those impacted by the floods.

“These people hurting are our families, their our community, their our neighbors and if you don’t know about Christian Appalachian Project, we’re letting you know we’re here. We’re trying to get to every county that’s been hurt,” Thoms said.

Program Manager Aaron Thoms says in the last couple of weeks since the floods, the organization has delivered about 21 loads of supplies to Eastern and Central Kentucky.

He says the reaction he sees from those in need is something special.

“Just happiness. When you lose everything and you get something, they just get joy,” Thoms said.

Joy and as community member, Nan Herald says it gives them hope.

“It feels so hopeful and it also gives us a sense of community when it doesn’t feel like there’s one,” Herald said.

She said one of the issues people are seeing throughout the county is communication. She says there may be people in the community that need help but don’t know how to get it.

Herald said families were already struggling before these recent natural disasters hit.

“Our county was drowning long before the flood and even before the ice storm, then you had covid. We have a high population of property. There’s not a lot of growth. So drowning can be drowning long before the floods come,” Herald said.

She says she hopes that her community will come out stronger.

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