Mom to Mom – Summer Road Trips

Welcome to MomtoMom. Today we are talking about summer road trips, and how we can make them a little bit easier on ourselves.

Summer is here and we’ve got vacations. As we all know, road trips and kids do not go hand in hand. It’s more the parents asking, “Are we there yet,” then the kids. So let’s just jump into what I have found works for my road trips.

So, the first thing that I have found that works really well with our road trips is this little Lego box. It’s a little tin lunchbox that you fill with Legos, and everything that you see here can be fit inside this little lunch box. It keeps your car a little bit cleaner. You won’t have toys strung out all over the place, and on the road trips they just out their little baseplate here, and they can take out the Legos and create, and use their imagination.

The second thing is this little baking sheet, and this can be used for all sorts of different things. Not only can they eat on it if you’re eating in the car, they can use it as a tray, or you can also use it with a magnet for their coloring, that way it’s not shifting all over their lap. And you can also use this as a dry erase board. You can take a dry erase marker and write on it, draw on it, use their imagination, and it just wipes off super easy, and it keeps your car clean.

We’ve got a couple road trips planned, my family and I, this summer, and I’m always looking for new ideas. So moms, here’s your call to action. Go to the MomtoMom Facebook page, and let me know how you guys handle your road trips.

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