Study: Radon exposure linked to cancer in women

ATLANTA, Ga. (WTVQ) – A new report from the American Cancer Society (ACS,) reveals a positive association between high levels of residential radon and the risk of blood cancer in women.

Radon is a naturally occurring byproduct of the decay of radium, and is a known human lung carcinogen.

In the study, researchers found that women living in counties with higher radon concentrations had a 63 percent higher risk of hematologic (blood) cancer compared to those living in counties with the lowest radon levels.

Dr. Lauren Teras, who helmed the research, says “Radon is already associated with lung cancer, and if other studies confirm the link to blood cancers, we think it would warrant strengthened public health efforts to mitigate residential radon risks.

To view the American Cancer Society’s press release, go to

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