Students watch friends and family in India fight COVID-19

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – We’re seeing fewer cases in Kentucky but the Coronavirus is still causing some people here fear and pain as they watch friends and family an ocean away suffer.

The World Health Organization shows India is still seeing millions of positive cases and a crippling lack of resources.

ABC 36 spoke with three University of Kentucky graduate students who have family there now fighting the virus.

“Usually when we look into social media it’s usually people’s happy smiling faces,” Subramoniam said.

But now, Anjana Subramoniam says because of the COVID outbreak, they see the need in India for medical supplies.

“My parents and my family is in Kerala. So thankfully they’re fine until now but we know our neighbors have tested positive so it’s kind of scary,” Subramoniam said.

She’s from the southern tip of India, where her family still lives.

She says all she can do at this point is ask if they’re okay.

“My main concern is that if something happens, I’m here, I cannot be with them. That is the most heartbreaking thing,” Subramoniam said.

She says although she can’t be there and help them medically, she can provide them some comfort and support.

Sharique Khan is from Mumbai and has family living all throughout the country.

“Most of my family members did contract COVID over the past few months. All of them recovered well like my immediate family but I have lost some family members and extended family in the last few months,” Khan said.

He says resources are limited, hospitals are filled, the vaccination rollout is slow and the health care system is just overwhelmed. Along with everyone else living there.

“They all are pretty scared and my parents have not left the house in almost a month. They just go out to get groceries or they just got their first dose of the vaccination,” Khan said.

Rashika Gupta is from northern India. She says her family is doing okay given the circumstances.

“My dad did get COVID back in November. Thankfully my parents are both vaccinated with both the doses, my brother got his first dose so that’s kind of a relief,” Gupta said.

She says some of her family and friends who live in other parts of India are struggling.

“I wake up almost daily and keep seeing friends who are asking for plasma, asking for oxygen,” Gupta said.

They say they aren’t getting the chance to enjoy the slow reopening in the United States because they’re living in a state of constant fear and worry for their families.

The students say you can help just by supporting people here who have family members in India. Ask if they’re okay and if there’s anything you can do.

If you’d like to help financially, here’s a link to one source Gupta provided:

She says the money goes towards those who are on the ground helping.

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