Students Organize Rally Against Immigration Ban

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- In the days since President trump signed the executive order temporarily banning travel, hundreds of protests have taken place across the U.S. including right here in Lexington.

But you may be surprised by the group who organized one planned for Sunday.

After hearing the news of President Trump’s executive order, a group of teenage students from a variety of Fayette County schools decided they needed to take action.

“Instead of asking each other, Oh what are we going to eat for dinner tonight, this whole year everyone’s just been saying, Oh what protest are we going to go to this weekend,” said Bayan Megariaf, a student at Tates Creek High School.

Megariaf says she and her friends were sharing their worries over President Trump’s executive order on immigration earlier this week when they came up with an idea.

“When are we going to do a protest here? Why can’t we plan one ourselves instead of having to wait for someone else to plan one for us and so we just kind of put our heads together and then put a flier up on the internet and it just went crazy from there,” said Megariaf.

The group of mostly Muslim students say they decided to organize the protest after feeling betrayed by their own country.

“Like for me, as a student I stood up everyday, I believed in my country. I was proud of my country but right now my country doesn’t respect me or my people and that’s not okay,” said Eman Ghoneim, a student at the University of Kentucky.

But the group says the rally is not just for Muslim people but for anyone who feels like Trump’s executive order went too far.

“This ban, this Muslim ban isn’t like a Muslim problem. You don’t have to be Muslim to be aware of this issue. This is an American problem. We are just as American as you are and that everyone should come together to realize this is a problem that we need to fix and we need to protest against,” said Oraida Bakoush, a student at Lafayette High School.

More than one thousand people are expected to attend the rally which is scheduled for Sunday at 2 p.m. in front of the courthouse in downtown Lexington.

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