Students Move In on UK’s Campus

It’s that time of year.  Saturday kicks off the first day for students to move in on UK’s campus.
"More than 1800 students will move in on UK’s campus today and parents say things have gone pretty smoothly," said Alycia Dahmer.
"I think it’s actually been smooth sailing in my opinion, because we rolled right in.  They had the tables, they have the carts, everyone there to help you.  I think it’s a great process they have," said parent Bret McCormick.
"We didn’t have any trouble. We arrived right when we were supposed to and it was pretty flawless.  It’s just now waiting in line for the elevator is the longest thing we’ve had to do," said mother Melissa Robinson.
Today kicked off the first move in day for students on the UK campus.  They have three other move in days in the upcoming week.  Students give some suggestions for packing and unloading.
"So, if you’re packing, make sure you put it in boxes that are really big so you put everything in one place, so you don’t have to carry everything to and from and it’s easy to pack big boxes," said Lexus McCormick.
"I would suggest tubs to put your clothes in, because I had suitcases, but tubs are easier to stack. So, I would do that for clothes," said Freshman Mallory Robinson.
"Don’t wait until the last minute to pack and try to get everything as condensed as possible," said Freshman Emily Crase. 
Some families said they looked forward to the start of college all summer and parents say it’s best to plan ahead.
"It’s taken several weeks of shopping and making choices, and we went ahead and got everything we could, so we didn’t have to do a store trip while we were here.  That’s why the car is so full, so we just tried to bring everything that he could possibly need, and hopefully we can get him moved in quickly," said Mother Kathy Kersting.
While it’s important to plan ahead, some parents say less is more and they can always come back home if you forget anything.
"Maybe encourage your kids to not bring everything they own, because we’re going to be making a couple more trips," said Mother Melissa Robinson.
"Now with more than 6600 students coming to the campus in the next week, you can imagine traffic and safety are huge concerns.  UK police have really stepped up and helped with the check-in efforts.  There’s also several streets that are blocked off or allowing move-in traffic only.  So, that might impact your route as you head out over the next few days."

Below is information regarding student move-in traffic flow and parking impacts over the next week, including important information about one-way streets, no parking areas, and high traffic locations during all four days.
One-way southbound:  MLK Blvd. between Good Samaritan parking lot and Avenue of Champions
One-way southbound:  Lexington Ave. between Maxwell St. and Avenue of Champions
NOTE:  Employee (E) lot entrance north of the Joe Craft Center CLOSED at Lexington Avenue; enter and exit only at Rose Street
One-way westbound:  Avenue of Champions between Rose St. and Limestone (No Thru Traffic)
One-way westbound:  Huguelet Dr. between University Dr. and Rose St.
One-way northbound:  Rose Street between Huguelet Drive and Washington Ave.
One-way eastbound:  Hilltop Ave. between University Dr. and Woodland Ave.
One-way northbound:  Woodland Ave. between Hilltop Ave. and Columbia Ave.
One-way southbound:  Sports Center Drive between Woodland Ave. and the Employee (E) lot north of the Nutter Football Training Facility.
Streets will begin one way around 8:30 a.m. each day.  They are expected to remain one way until 3-5 p.m. each day with the exception of Saturday, Aug. 22, when fewer students are moving in.
Due to the need to quickly unload vehicles near residence halls, several areas of campus will be NO PARKING zones from 12:01 a.m. to 6 p.m. on each of the Move-In days. Additionally, several streets on and bordering campus will have closures or other changes to traffic flow to accommodate Move-In. Watch for NO PARKING signs and bagged meters in these areas.
Vehicles parked in the NO PARKING areas listed below will be TOWED.  Owners will be responsible for all tow-related charges.
Saturday, Aug. 15; Wednesday, Aug. 19; Friday, Aug. 21; Saturday, Aug. 22:
UNIVERSITY DRIVE (BOTH SIDES):  from Cooper Drive to Hilltop Avenue
SPORTS CENTER DRIVE: between Woodland Ave. and the Employee (E) lot north of the Nutter Football Training Facility
AVENUE OF CHAMPIONS: metered parking in front of Roselle Hall
MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD.: between Maxwell Street and Avenue of Champions
LEXINGTON AVE.: area between the Employee (E) lot entrance and Avenue of Champions
E LOT BETWEEN KELLEY BUILDING and MED CENTER ANNEX #5: the 5 spots in the lane just north of Medical Center Annex #5
WOODLAND AVE.: between Hilltop Ave. and Sports Center Dr., no parking anytime

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