Students Head To Frankfort To Rally For Reproductive Freedom

Issues like sex education, teenage dating and LGBT rights seems to be taking center stage throughout the county. 

On Tuesday, Students from colleges and high schools from all over Kentucky will make their way to the state’s capital to meet with lawmakers.

The students will be joined by the ACLU of Kentucky, Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky, and the Muhammad Ali Center Council of Students, and will be meeting with legislators for a project they call Reproductive Freedom.

The project urges lawmakers to consider comprehensive sexual eduction, expanded access to reproductive health services, protections for dating teenagers and LGBT equality throughout Kentucky.

Students will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with with legislators to discuss their opinions and make sure they’re voices are heard. The ACLU says Tuesday’s rally is a day for advocacy, not lobbying among students.

Later in the morning, students are scheduled to be joined by Reproductive Freedom advocates of all-ages in the capital rotunda for rally. 

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