Student injured in fight at Scott County High School

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ)- According to the News- Graphic, a Scott County High School female student was taken to the hospital after she was attacked by another female student Wednesday.

The newspaper says the 15-year-old victim had apparently alerted her mother that she was fearful, so the mother went to the school to check her out, when she heard screaming in the hallway. The mother saw her daughter being attacked and ran to her aid.

The fight was “nasty,” said the source. The mother was involved in trying to pull the girl off her daughter, sources said.

Georgetown Assistant Police Chief Robert Swanigan confirmed a female student was taken to the hospital and charges were pending against a female student, 16, following an altercation Wednesday afternoon.

The condition of the female taken to the hospital was not known.

At press time, the names were being withheld because they are both juveniles.

A video of the incident is circulating through the social media outlet Snapchat.

A SCHS student said this was one of three fights at the high school Wednesday. One was in the school cafeteria, one was upstairs and this fight was downstairs. The area was blocked off by officials after the incident.

An escalating number of fights and other violent incidents have been occurring at SCHS this year, causing Georgetown Police Chief Michael Bosse to issue a warning. The police have also encountered a growing number of guns in the hands of juveniles, and guns stolen from cars.

Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather and Scott County Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub have organized a meeting with local officials Friday to look at the issue of growing violence at the high school and the community.

Information and video attributed to the News-Graphic

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