Student film gets selected for All-American High School Film Festival

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A group of Lexington students are being nationally recognized for a short film they made in class.

This last school year was the very first year Bryan Station High School offered an advanced film-making class.

Now the short film made by a small group of students in that class is receiving national attention.

Kelacia Cherry and Destiny White are the directors of the short film called “Justice”.

The film made at Bryan Station High School tackles the serious issue of sexual assault and how victim’s find justice.

“I wanted to create something that made other girls i go to school with feel like it’s not just you,” said White.

The young filmmakers finished the film during the school year and right before summer, at the request of their teacher, entered it into a few film festivals.

“Not just for the program but also just that the kids could start to see that they really can create things on a professional level,” said Duane Keaton, the film teacher at Bryan Station High School.

Still the students said they were not at all expecting to make it into any of the festivals but then last week they got an email saying their film had been selected to be in the All-American High School Film Festival in New York City.

“I just stared at my phone and practically started crying,” said White.

Now their small student film will be seen by hundreds of people at the festival this fall.

“The fact that all of these people are going to see our film is just wow,” said Cherry.

“It’s exciting but it’s very scary,” said.

Scary, but something both say they are so happy to be a part of.

“Yeah I didn’t think we’d get recognized at all so I didn’t plan on going to the film festival at all but now I am. I’m planning on going,” said Cherry.

The All-American High School Film Festival will be in New York City in October.

The students say they are still waiting to hear if their film made it into a few other festivals they applied to.

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